The trustshare API consists of two environments, sandbox and live. Both environments are available under the same endpoint however API Keys and client secrets are prefixed with the environment name.

Our Sandbox environment endeavours to be as close to the Live environment as possible, however, there are a couple of limitations and features which should be noted.

  • A Sandbox API Key will be in the format: sandbox_api_[0-9a-z].
  • A Live API Key will be in the format: live_api_[0-9a-z].

Payment timelines

In sandbox we fake credit the project accounts for all of the available payment methods in the UI. This means that funds will eventually "settle" into the project and form part of any Settlement and Project balances.

Manual Bank Transfers will take roughly a minute to settle in sandbox. It is important to note, that when using Manual Bank Transfer, it is imperative that the user indicates the payment having been made by clicking the confirmation button ("I've made the transfer") on the last screen when in sandbox. Clicking the button ensures the account will receive the fake credit in the sandbox environment.

Card payments always incur lead time to settle which is inherited from the card schemes themselves. Unfortunately due to this, our card payments take a lot longer to settle in sandbox. Sanbox card payments take around 7 days to settle, however, in the live environment, it is closer to 2 days.

Testing payment methods

Sandbox offers the ability to test all the supported payment methods of the system. You can force a specific outcome to occur by using the information outlined below.

Testing with Cards

To test Card payments in the sandbox environment, you should not use real card credentials, this is a security enforcement. The following table describes card numbers which can be used to ensure a specific outcome for testing purposes.

4242424242424242VisaAny 3 digitsAny future datePayment will execute successfully
4000056655665556Visa (debit)Any 3 digitsAny future datePayment will execute successfully
5555555555554444MastercardAny 3 digitsAny future datePayment will execute successfully
4000000000000002VisaAny 3 digitsAny future dateCard will be declined at creation
4000000000000341VisaAny 3 digitsAny future dateCard will be declined at payment
4000000000000069VisaAny 3 digitsAny future dateCard is expired
4000000000000127VisaAny 3 digitsAny future dateIncorrect CVV provided

Testing with Open Banking

When testing Open Banking in sandbox, we will always display a "Mock Bank" UI to accept the payment independent of the bank chosen during the process. When presented with the "Mock Bank" UI, you can provide one of the following usernames to test a specific outcome. For successful outcomes, the payment should settle almost immediately, or at least within around 5 minutes.

test_executedAny digitsPayment will execute successfully
test_authorisation_failedAny digitsPayment will fail authorisation
test_execution_rejectedAny digitsPayment will be rejected upon execution

Testing with Direct Debit

You can test SEPA Direct Debit against sandbox by scheduling Settlements. The user will be prompted to provide the source account details. Providing the following details will result in the outcome described at the point of charging, ie. the scheduled date.

Account NumberOutcome
DE89370400440532013000The payment will succeed at the scheduled date
BE68539007547034The payment will failed at the scheduled date

Testing with Trade Account credit

When testing Trade Account credit for your business buyers, they will be shown an application process for credit within the checkout UI. You can provide information about the business at the creation of the intent that will be prefilled for the application process. Providing the following company numbers will result in specific outcomes to test the flow.

Company NumberCountryOutcome
Any company numberNorway, Sweden, and United KingdomTrade Account credit will be approved
08154624United KingdomTrade Account credit will be rejected

Verifying participants

Participants receiving funds from a project account are still required to complete verification in the system. During the Verification UI-driven process, in sandbox we offer the ability to continue through the process as if it were production. Alternatively, you can click a button to automatically pass or fail the verification as you see fit.