Clients & SDKs

If you are running in a JavaScript/TypeScript environment such as Node.js, Deno, or Cloudflare Workers you can use our prebuilt API client which is available on npm. It interacts with our GraphQL API and provides TypeScript definitions for intellisense in your editor of choice. The client SDK allows you to confirm your payment intents on the client-device.

We currently do not offer prebuilt client libraries for other languages. However, as we offer an OpenAPI specification, it is relatively straightforward to generate a client for your language of choice. Using Swagger Codegen, you can easily generate clients for: PHP, Python, Go, Java, Rust, and many, many more.

Official libraries

API Client

A TypeScript compatible API client for interacting with the trustshare API from a number of different JavaScript run-time environments, such as Node.js, Deno, and Cloudflare Workers.

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Client SDK

A TypeScript compatible SDK for confirming payment intents and completing verifications on the user's device. Easy to integrate with your framework of choice.

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React-Native SDK

A React-Native compatible SDK for implementing payment and verification flows within your own application.

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